Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week 5- Birthday Pday and Transfer Week

April 8, 2015
Spencer's 19th Birthday!

Hey Everybody, today is the first P-Day of the new transfer. I am still with Elder Black, which means I will be "killing" him, or I will be his last companion before he goes home. Anyway, Monday we got the new Elders we got in 7 missionaries total (4 Eng. Elders, 1 Span. Elder, and 2 Span. Sisters). I was called to help them on their first day (which means I will have to train one day... yeah!) A few other Elders and I took the New Elders contacting just like my first day. With the ones I had we contacted 16 people in an hour, but all of them said no or got upset, because I was ruining their day. The New Elders got a little down, but I kept being excited and up beat, and I really think they took well to it. Even though we didn't see anyone, it was a good teaching opportunity for me and a good learning experience for them.
Also as you all know, conference was this past week. I loved it!!! We had it broadcasted at our ward in Spanish, but all missionaries got to have headphones for English translation. I loved the talks and I kept messing with Elder Black about them hitting marriage really hard, because they know he is heading home. haha.
I hated that President Monson, President Packer, and Elder Hales were not feeling well. A bunch of missionaries in the mission are praying for them. Anyway, this week we had a lot of service finally!!! We completely re-did Sisters yard. When we got there the grass was above my knees. We didn't find anything living back there, but I was for sure we would.
Lastly as yall may know, today is my BIRTHDAY, it is really weird to be spending it out in the mission field, but yeah. lol. Nothing real different is happening today, why, because the work goes on!!
Also for an update the Spanish is really coming along. I can teach pretty well and I have shared a lot of commitments and Books of Mormon (Book of Mormons?? I don't know. lol) The funniest thing happened though, we taught a lady The Restoration. In the middle of it, we planned to invite her to b baptized. I did and she replied with, "Correct."
haha?!?!?! My companion and I looked at each other puzzled. We continued and I asked again in the lesson at which she replied, "I have already been baptized 3 times, so I am ok."
hahah?!?!?! Ohh people you all keep me laughing.
Adios hasta Lunes!! 

See Yall,
Elder S.C. Shepherd


Hey, I totally forgot last P-Day that this week was transfers and that P-Day would be on Wednesday. Oops, but oh well. Here I am now. All 19 years of me. Its very hard and weird top think about. I have to pause every time I say today is my birthday...
Anyway on to moms questions:
Where did you end up watching General Conference?
We watched it at our ward, they were broadcasting it in Spanish, and we had headphones for English Translation. So I listened to the talks in English and the rest in Spanish.
What was your favorite talk?
Easily Elder Hollands or Bednars. Elder Holland may be the most powerful speaker I have ever heard. Elder Bednars was some good information to hear. Also Elder Ballard gave a great talk in Priesthood about... that's right yall guessed it marriage and dating.
Best part was a quote at which he said, "...And don't text a girl, give her a phone call. The sound of your voice may shock her enough into saying yes..." Haha, funniest quote of conference.
I however hated to see President Monson, President Packer, and Elder Hales. We were told they all three were not feeling good, and President Monson had canceled all meetings two days before conference, so that he would have strength to speak. I love our Prophet so much. I pray for him all the time.
Any opportunities for service yet?
Yes, we have actually given around 10 hours of service since last P-Day. Which isn't great for teaching purposes, but it was nice to get "working."

Do you go to the mission home very often?  If so, are you getting to know some of the couple missionaries or others there?
Elder Black and I live right across the street from it. We go there whenever President calls us for anything, and also to pick up mail for the zone and things like that. Because it is my birthday, I have permission to go up there today and get some talks and music on my MP3!!!!
You mentioned Sister missionaries living below you...  Do you have any contact with them?
They are in our district, so we see them a bunch. They usually come up to borrow our Crock Pot, but other than that, we just see them at meetings and when we leave or come home.

Do you think your testimony has grown since you have been out in Arizona?  How could it have not? I thought I had a testimony before, but as a missionary, I have found a part of me that I never thought existed.
I feel my knowledge growing each and everyday. I feel love for people that don't look friendly, and I know its because of the mission. I am not worrying about Spanish much more, because I follow the spirit. And the Spirit helps me say what I need to. I love the Scriptures more and more each day. I know more and more each day, because our Father in Heaven is pouring out his blessings to me. I have never been stronger in this church than I am today.
As for other things, I thought it was terrible about the people who said "opposed" to the First Presidency and the Quorum of the 12.
However we found it super funny, how Dieter F. Uchtdorf just said, "Its noted" haha. This conference he really showed his comical side. Especially when he started to talk in German. LOL. Best thing ever. "Ohh, sorry President Monson, I thought I should speak in my native German>" HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Anyway Ill send yall more e-mails, but just wanted to send this, so yall know I am on today. I love yall a ton, and I hope yall are having a good day. 
I have two minutes so here is the last little bit.
I got all three packages from you, The Tripps, and Grandma and Papa. I will try to send a letter to the Tripps and yall. Also I got Aunt Ambers letter and present.
I love the MP3, and I will be putting more music on it today. I had bought some CD's and I will be sending one home to yall, because it holds a talk that is not online or cant be found anywhere. It is called Feed My Sheep. It is a MTC devotional by Elder Jeffery R. Holland. It is one hour long and is the most powerful talk about missionary work I have ever heard.
I loved the rest of the package as well. I got it Monday, and I followed the rule of not opening till today. I loved everything yall, the Tripps and Grandma and PApa sent. Tell the Tripps I love the Toilet Paper, haha.
Also I love the picture book. I cried/laughed at the photos. Pleas tell the Ward they are Awesome, and I miss them all.
Love You and I will be back on Monday!

This was a 2014 edition Dodge Viper we saw next to an investigators house. Dodge Vipers are crazy cool in person.

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