Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 4- Mesa Easter Pageant

Hey Everyone, this past week has been a lot of fun.
First off, the mission is now working on French work, so every missionary is required to begin learning how to meet people in French. As I heard these words, I felt tears rolling down my face, because now I am working on learning 2 languages. However, I am so thankful for my MTC zone, because they were French Professionals. HAHA!!! Anyway, I so far have learned, "What is your name?" "My name is..." "We are missionaries" and "We have others who speak better French than us, could we get your address and telephone number?" lol.
Ohh my goodness, the Spirit must be hard at work, because I am about to be tri-lingual. lol (with tears).lol. The Spanish however is coming along really well. I still have mucho to do, but all is well.

Also, we had exchanges, because my companion is the district leader, and apparently District Leaders need to go on exchanges with all the Elders in the District. Anyway, so on Tuesday and on Thursday I was on a bike all day both days. This was good, except for the fact that on Tuesday it got to a high of 92 degrees and then on Thursday it got to 97 degrees. Needless to say I was sweating by the end of the day.... lol.
Actually exchanges were really fun, I learned a lot from the other Elders in my district and I hope I did some teaching as well.

In other news, I got to attend a thing called the "Mesa Easter Pageant." It is a live action play where volunteers act out the life of Christ, his Crucifixion, and his marvelous Resurrection. It was awesome to go to. We had 2 investigators go, and one of them brought their family! #BonusPoints It was an awesome performance and it was so Spirit inviting. We went on the Spanish night, and I must say... that I understood almost all of it. Yes!!!!! (with fist in the air)

Also this week, was fast and testimony week at church. I bore mine in Spanish, and members told me it was really good, so I must be saying something right. lol. Any way, one of the other Elders in the district, Elder Call, has a quote, (you say it in a John Wayne voice) "I remember my first fast Sunday as a missionary..... I wanted to eat my own arm off." Hahaha!! Super funny, but true.... lol.

Anyway, I haven't yet confirmed where I will be watching general conference, but there is a possibility, they may need us to translate. Cross your fingers that it is not me... Anyway, I cant wait till conference is here. The talks are always powerful, and Elder Black and I have just been reading Ensign after Ensign in preparation for it.

Anyway that's about it, I love you all, and I hope life is well. I am living the dream here in 94 degree Scottsdale Arizona. haha.
See Yall!!
Elder Shepherd
Mom Question's Elder Shepherd answered this week.

How is Marcelino doing?
He is doing good. He usually works right after church, so he wears his uniform to church, so that he can make it on time. The next step with him, is we are trying to get him the priesthood, and then a patriarchal blessing. Each time I see him, we become better friends.

How is Elder Black doing?
"Peachy" He says. We are having a blast together. He is super fun, and I am hoping to be companions till he leaves in May.

Are you keeping your apartment clean?
Yes, ma'am. Our apartment is actually one of the cleanest in the missions. We had it inspected, the only report is that we make sure to windex our windows. lol.

Are you writing in your journal?
Everyday. Yes, I bought a few more at the MTC, because they were on sale for 5.99$ and so when I finish the first, I will send it home. Which will probably be around my 6 month mark.....

Were you able to attend the Mesa Easter Pageant?
Yep, on Spanish night, and I understood almost the whole thing. I have many many pictures, that I will send today.

Tell me about what you have been eating... besides avacado.  Do you eat out much?  Where?
We have eaten out three times total since I have been out. (In and Out, Olive Garden, and a Mexican Taco Stand) The normal meal, that we have almost every night is a thing called "Carne." It is like a big thinly cut peice of steak that is covered in chili powders and you eat it with rice, beans, avocado, and homemade corn tortillas.

I am still looking for your mp3 player.  If I find it, are you allowed to have it? It has a screen on it does that matter?  (The Sony walkman)   I still have the list of music you wanted and you can also have talks too... is that right?
I can have it even though it would have a screen. Yes bring on the talks,m any that you think I would like, ill take. I found my favorite talk this past weekend here. It is a MTC address (which means only accessible by missionaries in the field) by Jeffery R. Holland. Its called "Feed My Sheep." I have one copy on cd, and when I get a second copy, I will send it home. It is a 1 hour talk and President Holland just goes to town. It is amazing and beautiful.

What have been two of your favorite moments of the past week?

The pageant for sure, and I actually loved getting to be a bike missionary. We went on exchanges, and so I was on a bike for all of Tuesday and Thursday.

Do you have any special plans for General Conference?  Will you watch it in Spanish?  Will you watch it at the church?
They are broadcasting it at the Stake Center and at our ward. If we have the attendance, we will watch at our ward, but that would mean us missionaries would need to translate. I am hoping that does not mean me. Elder Black said he has only ever watched conference in english on his mission, so he says I shouldn't worry.

Are you able to do physical activities- how often?  Like running, walking, weight lifting, etc....
Every morning from 6:30-7, on P-Days Basketball from 3-4:30, and on Fridays Soccer with the branch from 7-9.
For our daily workouts, Elder Black and I usually rotate between, running at a track which is right next to our complex, playing catch with the Frisbee, basketball at a building which is a block away, and weight lifting with the one pair of 20 lbs. dumbbells we have at the apartment.

Anyway, I will talk more in other e-mails....
Love Yall a ton!!!
See ya!.


Ok, so the pictures I have attached are a Nerf gun I was given by another Elder. He didn't want it, so he just came up and gave it to me. I will probably send it home, and I want it to be my birthday present to Eli this year. I know I will be sending it no where near  his actual birthday, but I know he will love it. It is battery operated and you use a button to turn it on and off.

Please also excuse the photos, us missionaries are easily amused, and at the point of taking these photos, I was having a blast!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 3- Camelback 2nd Branch

March 23, 2015
Hey Everybody Waz up!!
Things here in Arizona have been awesome. I am loving the people and yes even the weather. Its is supposed to get to 95 on friday this week, but I not really "sweating" it that much. lol. Elder Black and I had our baptism this past Saturday!! It was really coo to be on the missionary side of things. It went over very well. The best part though, was on Sunday when we confirmed him. I was sitting next to Marcelino, and after they announced we would be confirming him, he looks at me and says, "Estoy bien, ustedes se pueden ir" Which means, "I am fine, you all can go though." I guess he was kidding, but I told him he was the reason we were doing it, so he went up there. After his confirmation. He got up from the chair shakes our hands. Threw both of his in the air and said, "Gracias para ustedes veniendo aqui hoy" (Thank you all for coming here today) lol. Ohh it was so funny, but I am so proud of him. He has been through a bunch. He has been taught by missionaries on and off for 2 years. It was awesome to be part of his journey with him. We are hoping to get him the Priesthood soon, and if I am still here next transfer, we are hoping to take him to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. 

Other than that, I have come to find that I like avocados, or at least I tolerate them. There has been Avocado is almost every meal I have had. 

Spanish is coming along. You all can bet that I use my hour of language study.

Other than that, I am enjoying just about everything. It is really busy right now because of Spring Training, but I think its really cool to see all the fans and people who come to see the games.

Anyway Ill see you all next week. I am so glad I have awesome people to e-mail to, and I thank you all for your examples in my life.

Love yall!!
Elder Shepherd

Hey Everybody!! 
I have a few extra minute before its time to get off, so I just wanted to say a quick hi...
Things here in Arizona are pretty Awesome. I get to see crazy baseball fans everyday. Its really funny, because most are not used to the temperature and so they fight over parking that is closest to the stadium. When we were driving today, we saw some people arguing for 30$ parking spots that were about 5-6 blocks away. 
In other news, I had my first baptism while being out. It was AWESOME to see somebody having taken the steps and have gone through challenge after challenge to get there. The guys name is Marcelino. He is a little over 40 and he lives alone. He was married, then his wife just left one day. He had a little girl, but we don't know anything about where she is. He doesn't see her much at all, but he said every time we came over, it was just easier to accept life. After his baptism, he changed into dry clothes and hugged us. He said that missionaries have helped them through so many challenges.
I didnt have much time with Marcelino, but that wont happen to my next investigator. Elder Black and I have a few people, that are looking to be almost ready to be baptized, we can only hope and pray. 

Anyway, I wanted to say I LOVE YALL!!! I know I dont get to see any of you here, but I know you are all somewhere rooting me on, and I am doing the same for all of you. I cant wait for Mothers Day, I guess yall will figure somewhere to meet at. (Grandmas and Papas, I can only imagine). 

Of all the things I miss here, the first right under all of yall, is BBQ. Arizona has nada, zero, zilch. And even when they do, it is not at all the same. 
Anyway, I got to go. The work must go on, and I will not hold it back. I want you all to know, that I am having the opportunity of a lifetime here. I wish I could video the change that I am going through, but that cant be done. I dont think even a video would capture all that is going on. 
I love you all, and I pray for you everyday. Cant wait till next week when I talk to yall again. 
Anyway, Adios!!
Love Yalls Missionary, 
Elder Shepherd
Answers to mom's questions:

Have you been able to teach many lessons?  
We have on average 1-0 lessons a day. Its not so much because we dont lookk or that we are not diligent, its just that we usually spend a lot of time helping out other missionaries or people in the mission.

What has been your favorite spiritual moment of the past week?  
Spiritual Moment has to be just a day in my personal study. I spend most of my personal study burying myself in scripture. I did not think I could love the scriptures more, but I seem to love them more and more each day. Also when I recieved your e-mail in the MTC, saying that Dad, Jaimen, and Bryson were racing to read the Book of Mormon, I figured I would give it a try. The only time I have gotten is my one hour of personal study, but either way, I am in Mosiah 20. That is until tomorrow.... haha.

How is the branch?  
The branch is good. There are usually about 40 members total, but yesterday each companionship had at least 6 attend. Our attendance was almost 100!!!

Are you starting to get to know some of the people?  
Yes, yes, yes. Mainly the families that feed us. Usually the same three families are on the calender each week, and the other 4 spots are new people. 

Have you been able to do much service?  
None, which drives me crazy. I love service, and they have zero of it.

How is the language coming?  
Its progressed a lot more, since everyone we talk to is native, a bunch better than when I got here. I still have a whole lot of work to do.

How is Elder Black?  
He is Peachy. In his own given words.

Did you receive the package that we sent?
Yes we did. I loved the M&Ms and everything. Also thanks for the card. I havent got to check yet, but it looks exactly like the other, so I think they are the same. Ill find out this week.

Anyway I will e-mail you more, but for now...
Les amo mucho!!!

The van is a funny story.. It was parked in front of a potential investigators house, and It made Elder Black and I wonder, if it was their car or not. It was not, and we still dont know whose it is. lol.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 2

March 16, 2015
So this morning at 6 in the morning we hiked Camel Back Mountain. It is a 2,700 foot climb, of nothing but rocks and steep dirt paths. It was very hard, mainly because it was dry. I loved it a ton!!
 Top of Camelback Mountain

So this week has been quite awesome. I only have a little bit of e-mailing time left,. so Ill be quick. This upcoming Saturday will be my first baptism. It is to a cool guy named Marcelino. We also have a few others on date, but dont think that will happen, because everyone here lives with somebody, but is not married. Blah!!!
Anyway, the Spanish has really come along since getting here. I think it is because it is my only option of communication, and you all know I like to talk, so continuing to learn is a must.
Elder black is Awesome, he is nervous, because he goes home at the end of May, and so everybody is already saying goodbye. 
Arizona is really nice, it hasnt gotten super hot yet, only around 88. lol. Anyway this morning we hiked up a 2,700 ft mountain. Its called Camel Back Mountain. It was really fun, but just pure rock and dirt.
Anyway lastly is I wanted to share with yall what my breakfast has looked like the past few weeks. It is a tradition that has came from an Elder named Elder TuiToo from Tonga. It is awesome!!! I invite everybody to try it out.

Instructions on how to make THE WORLD FAMOUS TONGAN PANCAKE:

Take a pack of raman and put it in a tubawear a little bigger than it. fill it with water just to where the ramam is floating.

put it in the microwave for 1 minute.

While its in the microwave. take a small tubawear. Mix two eggs and a little milk.

After the raman finishes in the microwave flip it and do another 1 minute.

While its in there mix in the raman flavor pack with your milk and egss. Act like your making scrambled eggs.

Then once the raman is done. Spray a frying pan with cooking oil spray. Empty out the water from your raman and put the raman in the pan spreading it out as much as possible. 

Then pour the eggs in trying to cover all of the raman.

Cook on that side for a little bit, and then cook on the other side. 

Add cheese, Salsa, and Hot Sauce and wake your self up with a Tongan Pancake. lol.

Anyway See yall next week!! Hope Everything is good and all is well. I am living Arizona up, and following by how the Lords wants me to go. 

See YAll,


Elder Shepherd
 Tongan Pancake
 So these are elotes. They are corn on the cobs, covered in mayonayse, melted cheese, chili powder, and Jalepano Sauce. They are amazingly good, but are super hot because of the chili powder and hot sauce. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!

So every quarter of the year (March, June, September, and November or December). Each zone takes a Temple Trip. This past Wednesday, was our day to go. It was super fun and Beautiful. Ill send more photos. The one in the van is the guys in my zone, and the other is our whole zone.

 So this is the rest of the Temple pictures. The Mesa Temple is very pretty!!
 his is one of Elder Black and I, we got some Mexican Ice Cream and Candy.


So this is the Second thing we saw at the VC. It is a model of Jerusalem. It was really cool. I got a close up picture of the Temple. 
These are the photos at the end of the tour. First was 89 Book Of Mormons in each a different Language. Next are indeed the Mesa Temple at night. When you walk out of the VC, that is the first thing you see right in front of you.

 This is the first thing I saw when we walked in to the VC. It is just simply Marvelous!!
Responses to several questions Mom asked:
Do you get to eat at members homes much?

We have eaten at members houses every night except for last night, and that is because we had to be at a fire side.

I am also curious if the investigator you told us about was baptized.  

M had his baptism rescheduled to this next Saturday. He wants our Branch President to baptize him, and he is real nervous. We see him twice this week, and Ill make sure he gets it done this week. lol.

Do you have any other missionaries in your apartment complex?

In our apartment nope. Me and Elder Black in a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment; all to ourselves. hahahaha
We have 4 sisters below us in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment. They are pretty cool.

From Spencer:  Also I saw your e-mail about President Sweeney, Mom all I can say is when I met him and on the day you meet him. You will lose all consciousness of being upset or mad or having any worries. He is a man I would compare only to President Grisel and probably a quorum of the 12. The way he carries himself and the way he looks at everybody he sees, is just with complete love and respect. He puts others before himself, he accepts input from us missionaries and his wife, he gets things done they way they are supposed to be done, and he gets them done quickly and to the T. I forget about the things I have done wrong around him, because he makes you only want to feel happy and joyful. Elder Black and I live across the street from them, and so we have eaten their once and play him at basketball about 2-3 times a week. He is super good. He was a track star at BYU and served his mission in Japan. He still practices and is willing to teach whoever would like to learn. 
As for Sister Sweeney, she is pretty much the same. She is more of the hit the ground running kind of person. It doesn't matter who you are or what your past is, she qualifies you to serve here in the mission.
Ill send more e-mails, but I just wanted to tell you about the Sweeneys. They are all around amazing. President is expected to be called into the Quorum Of The 70 after he finishes this call in July of next year. 
I love them so much!!!!!
Sincerely Yalls Boy,

Elder Spencer C. Shepherd

Friday, March 13, 2015

Week 1 Arizona Scottsdale Mission Area- Phoenix Camelback 2nd Branch

March 9, 2015 (Monday)
So this week has been totally Awesome! My companion and I have been busy for what feels like all the time. He continues to be a great teacher and an awesome friend. I know its early, but we already have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday!!! Its with a guy named Marcelino. He has been taught by the missionaries for 2 years ( on and off). He is really cool. I have only gotten to teach him for one lesson, but he already loves seeing me and my companion. He committed to be baptized on the Monday I got here. He has a really crazy story. Ill check with him if its ok for me to share, but I dont think he will have a problem with that.
In other stuff, I was able to buy another Elders bike, at a discounted price. #SuperCheap It is in great condition and looks super cool, however I may spray paint it one week... lol. 
I am loving the mission. It hasnt gotten hot yet, I think it got to the 80s once this past week, but that is nothing. haha. I am learning more and more spanish by the day. My companion makes sure I teach some of the lessons. He is a great guy. He is ready and at the same time not ready to go home. I have learned a bunch from him. 
I still miss home and my friends at the MTC, but I would not leave my mission for anything. I feel like no matter what I am doing, I am making a difference. I know that this is where I am needed, and good days or bad, I will thank the Lord for making me a tool in his hand. 
Also this week, was my first Sunday out. The Camelback 2nd Branch is 100% Spanish Speaking and to make it even better, the Stake President was in attendance this week. I actually caught most of what was said and before I leave, will probably be asked to translate (uh-oh). I did not have to speak, thank goodness, but I was expected to answer many questions and play roles in classes. I am still grateful for what I learned at the MTC. I have a lot more work to do, but I know I will be fine.
On a Spiritual note, one of the biggest things I have learned has come from Preach My Gospel. It is Chapter 5 about the Book Of Mormon. It says along the lines of, when we are teaching people, we should be focusing on Christ and the Book of Mormon. Without it and our prophets we are not different from another religion. When we teach we should let the Investigators know that the Book Of Mormon, will answer all of their questions, and make their life better. I have learned so much from my scripture studies and I love my Heavenly Father more and more each day. I hope life is going good for all of you, and I hope you all have the chance to feel these amazing experiences
like I am feeling every day I put my tie on.
Love You All and Let the Good Times Role!!!

 Elder Spencer C. Shepherd
 Elder Black and Elder Shepherd

 Elder Shepherd and Elder Black (Chicago)
Elder Shepherd's bike purchase

Driving down the Arizona road

 Elder Shepherd's desk

Week 0- Arizona Scottsdale Mission


 Elder Shepherd and Elder Black
 Training Meeting
March 4, 2015
So Hey guys,
So things are good with me. I like it out here way more than the MTC. President and Sister Sweeney are some of the kindest and most intelligent people I now know. They preach strict obedience, and can testify of the blessings if you are. President Sweeney was dying laughing when we got to Arizona. He said he wont let us live it down. Ohh great! There is something about President Sweeney though. Spiritually he is the most in depth person I have ever seen. He knows himself and what it takes to be a follower of Christ. He knows what makes him mad or sad, and refuses himself to allow himself to get upset or even show the slightest irritation. Just seeing him makes me feel like I need to be Choosing The Right all the time. He served his mission in Japan, and was a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for Marriot Hotels. He only wishes the best for us, and I have felt his love ever since I met him. I love them so so much. Anyway, Arizona has actually been cold since we got here. They said it hasn't been like this in a long long time. Guess I will live it up. lol. I have been put into a pure Spanish area, and it is about half and half of people here who speak English and Spanish. My companion has 2 transfers left and he is going home. His name is Elder Black, he is from Chicago, and he speaks perfect Spanish. He is a super smart and cool dude, so I think Ill be alright. I personally could not have picked a companion I would have rather have gotten in the group. We went and contacted my first day (Monday) and we met a few people and invited them to a Padgent that Arizona Stakes perform. In my first dinner appointment yesterday, A lady who only speaks Spanish was talking about how crazy her kids are. She said that we won't want any. I said, it cant be that bad.... She then said how many kids do I want. I didn't hear her very well, and I thought she said How old am I . So I answered with 18. The other missionaries and her then died laughing. I am not ready to already be saying funny things in Spanish.

Other than that things are good. We study from 8- 12 each day and then contact/ go to appointments for the rest. Its only my third day, and I already see the blessings of referrals. We actually have gotten about three already since I have been here.

The Ward I am in is called Camelback 2nd branch. It is a 100 person branch of pure Hispanic people. It starts at 11 on Sundays. I am nervous, because they will probably more than likely have me give a 5 minute intro about my self. Anyway, there is 3 sets of missionaries that go to that branch. There is also another ward that shares the same building. They are English and they have 1 set of missionaries.

The photos I am sending are me right now e-mailing in a HUGE library. As well as the last Temple trip.
 Last temple trip at the MTC
 First Pday emailing from the library

Parent email:

March 4, 2015

So I am finally here. My normal P-Day is Monday, but President said we could have one on Wednesday, for new arrivals. Arizona is pretty nice. There is basically no grass, its just all rock and red dirt and cactus. It has been around the 60s since I got here. I have been told the nice whether will not last very long. Ohh well. I still have a lot of work to do with Spanish. My companion is Awesome. His name is Elder Black. He leaves in about 12 weeks. He is from Chicago Illinois. He is very smart and eager to help me out whenever I need him. Here they are all about strict obedience, and so I don't have as long as I normally do to e-mail.
I am serving in the Camelback 2nd Branch with 2 other sets of Spanish missionaries. I have liked it so far, but I dread when I have to talk.
Below I will attach the story of Monday, I hope not everyone knows by now, but ohh well. Ill also add a few pics of me right now and the last day at the MTC.

So things are good with me. We got to Arizona on Monday and the craziest part was that Elder Biddulph and I missed our flight!!! Apparently they left while we were in the bathroom. Oops. Anyway, we made it on a flight that was 3 hour later and we finally left Utah around 12:30 instead of 8. Our Mission President was dying laughing when we got to Arizona. He said he wont let us live it down. Ohh great! Anyway, Arizona has actually been cold since we got here. They said it hasn't been like this in a long long time. Guess I will live it up. lol. I have been put into a pure Spanish area, and it is about half and half of people here who speak English and Spanish. My companion has 2 transfers left and he is going home. His name is Elder Black, he is from Chicago, and he speaks perfect Spanish. HE is a super smart and cool dude, so I think Ill be alright. We went contact my first day (Monday) and we met a few people and invited them to a Padgent that Arizona Stakes perform. In my first dinner appointment yesterday, A lady who only speaks Spanish was talking about how crazy her kids are. She said we don't want any. I said, it cant be that bad.... She then said how many kids do I want. I didn't hear her very well, and I thought she said How old am I . So I answered with 18. The other missionaries and her then died laughing. I am not ready to already be saying funny things in Spanish.
2nd Parent email:
 March 4, 2015
 I have about 3 minutes real quick so I just wanted to say Hi.

I did make it to Arizona. Yall both saw the pictures, so that's good news. I love my new companion Elder Black. He is everything I could have asked for in a companion. I am working with Spanish at all times. It is a bit different than MTC Spanish. Anyway, It was awesome to talk to yall on Monday.
Tell Jaimen, Bryson, Elijah I love them all. Tell Jaimen, that in order to get to play the Xbox, he must promise to let Bryson and Eli play as well, and listen. Here in the Hispanic community, listening comes first and foremost. If a kid doesn't listen, there is very "interesting" consequences.
Tell Bryson, I finally got to read his letter. The food at the MTC, was bleh. It was very cold there, and the main thing I liked were my teachers, Branch Presidency, and the Temple trips each week.
Tell Eli, I miss him. One of the kids at our dinner appointment yesterday was missing both of her front 2 teeth. It reminded me of him.

Alright, I got to go. I hope everything is great there. Just know I am alright. I love the Sweenys so much. Yes I did pass my drivers test. I took it with Brother Allan. He is a hoot. I have me all the people at the Mission Home., They are all nice, and it really runs like a family thing.

Anyway Love you all. We are supposed to get I-Pads in MAy, so I don't know if I will have to buy one or not. I haven't had to buy a bikew yet, because I am in a car area. Cant wait till next week and I love you all very much. Take care of Squashy. Everyone here has a pet, and I miis mine.
Love Yall and talk to yall again next week!!!

Me with my MTC Branch Presidency
On the left is the Riches.
I am in between the Sensons.
And on the far right is Brother Jamison
 This is our classroom. Just so you know where I learned a second language at.

MTC Week 6

These three are pictures of me and my teachers. 
The one with the guy in the grey sweter is my main teacher named Hermano Holman. Im going to Nicuragua with him after my mission, to meet a guy we taught who was his investigator. (If that doesnt make since I have another way of saying it. He is taking me to Nicuragua to meet a guy who he baptized on his mission. However, he was acting like him for one of our investigators, and I loved the story so much, one day we will go meet him.)
Hermano Holman was absolutly the best teacher ever, I love that guy.
The other tall guy is named Hermano Dia or Brother Day in English. He is super fun and got back form his mission from Florida 4 years ago.
The last is Hermano Garcia. He is in Utah learning English, so I was able to teach him a few words, while he taught me Spanish.

All three guys are Awesome and cool, I will;l definitely miss them.

 Hermana Dexter bought us all Tahiti shirts, so that we would not forget her. I told her forgetting her would be impossible.

 So last night we had a party.Hermano Holman brought In and Out and Wendys. I will really miss that guy. Anyway, while we ate, he told the story of his whole mission from 5:30-9:30. It was a blast.
 So on Tuesday it snowed. I dont know if yall can see it in the air, but yeah it was very cold. It had just started when I took the picture, so thats why its not on the ground.
 February 28, 2015
 So hey everybody!!! Today is the last P-Day! I leave on Monday Morning at 3 in the Morning...... 3 IN THE MORNING!!!!! 
I am super excited and scared. I cant wait to get out on my mission, but I know that I will have no idea what they will be saying. I have had a great time here at the MTC. I cant wait to leave the cold, but I will definitely miss all the people I have met here. Any way, this week has been an emotional one. The district before us left this week, and my district wanted to see them off. So we did at 3 in the morning for 3 days straight. Oh my goodness has our sleep schedule been messed up this week. I have been so exhausted all week long. On the other hand I have learned a bunch about myself and my relationship with our Heavenly Father. In my prayers each day I ask that no matter what I say in Spanish, that he help me get my message across. I have truly been blessed by Heavenly Father while I have been here. He has helped me learn the Sanish Language, and believe me... If he can teach me Spanish he can do anything. I have even learned how to teach in Spanish and even invite and extend commitments. I mean.... I wish I could tell you all in person how AWESOME God is. He can do anything and everything. He amazes me everyday.
As for the last week here, its had its ups and downs. On last Thursday I got my Black Suit dry cleaned. I also had paid to get the buttons reinforced... Well as I went to pick it up this Thursday, it looked amazing. When I put it on Friday, I am not even joking, that the buttons just fell off the jacket. I was of course was like "What !?!?" I for awhile was a little upset, but I then realized around dinner time, that you know what. This is just what the adversary would want is me to be upset while Im on my mission. So I decided that it was no big deal. This morning I grabbed my soeing (sorry if its spelled wrong) kit and I soed both the buttons on myself.

Here is what I learned, 
And believe it or not I recieved a blessing because of this expierience. Here is the blessing. Because I had to soe the buttons myself... I know that they are not coming lol lol lol.
So after all is said and done I am glad the experience happened because now I know the buttons are on for good, and they will not becoming off. :) And also I will be a happy person through and through. No matter what, I will do my best to keep my head up and I wont let anybody pull me down.

The pictures I will be adding are 1 a pretty view of Provo from the Temple and A drawing I did with chalk. It is supposed to be Moroni with the Title Of Liberty. I think I did a good job with chalk, but yeah thats what it is. 

Well I have other e-mails to get to, so I'll talk to yall next time. At which point I will be a missionary in the field. Oh boy does that feel weird to say. Anyway, I love you all! I hope the spirit is present in your lives, and I hope you can see the Lord and the spirit hard at work all around you. Im praying for all, and I know that if you believe God will assist you, you will be alright.
Love Yall!!
A Servant of the Lord,
Elder Spencer Shepherd