Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 3- Camelback 2nd Branch

March 23, 2015
Hey Everybody Waz up!!
Things here in Arizona have been awesome. I am loving the people and yes even the weather. Its is supposed to get to 95 on friday this week, but I not really "sweating" it that much. lol. Elder Black and I had our baptism this past Saturday!! It was really coo to be on the missionary side of things. It went over very well. The best part though, was on Sunday when we confirmed him. I was sitting next to Marcelino, and after they announced we would be confirming him, he looks at me and says, "Estoy bien, ustedes se pueden ir" Which means, "I am fine, you all can go though." I guess he was kidding, but I told him he was the reason we were doing it, so he went up there. After his confirmation. He got up from the chair shakes our hands. Threw both of his in the air and said, "Gracias para ustedes veniendo aqui hoy" (Thank you all for coming here today) lol. Ohh it was so funny, but I am so proud of him. He has been through a bunch. He has been taught by missionaries on and off for 2 years. It was awesome to be part of his journey with him. We are hoping to get him the Priesthood soon, and if I am still here next transfer, we are hoping to take him to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. 

Other than that, I have come to find that I like avocados, or at least I tolerate them. There has been Avocado is almost every meal I have had. 

Spanish is coming along. You all can bet that I use my hour of language study.

Other than that, I am enjoying just about everything. It is really busy right now because of Spring Training, but I think its really cool to see all the fans and people who come to see the games.

Anyway Ill see you all next week. I am so glad I have awesome people to e-mail to, and I thank you all for your examples in my life.

Love yall!!
Elder Shepherd

Hey Everybody!! 
I have a few extra minute before its time to get off, so I just wanted to say a quick hi...
Things here in Arizona are pretty Awesome. I get to see crazy baseball fans everyday. Its really funny, because most are not used to the temperature and so they fight over parking that is closest to the stadium. When we were driving today, we saw some people arguing for 30$ parking spots that were about 5-6 blocks away. 
In other news, I had my first baptism while being out. It was AWESOME to see somebody having taken the steps and have gone through challenge after challenge to get there. The guys name is Marcelino. He is a little over 40 and he lives alone. He was married, then his wife just left one day. He had a little girl, but we don't know anything about where she is. He doesn't see her much at all, but he said every time we came over, it was just easier to accept life. After his baptism, he changed into dry clothes and hugged us. He said that missionaries have helped them through so many challenges.
I didnt have much time with Marcelino, but that wont happen to my next investigator. Elder Black and I have a few people, that are looking to be almost ready to be baptized, we can only hope and pray. 

Anyway, I wanted to say I LOVE YALL!!! I know I dont get to see any of you here, but I know you are all somewhere rooting me on, and I am doing the same for all of you. I cant wait for Mothers Day, I guess yall will figure somewhere to meet at. (Grandmas and Papas, I can only imagine). 

Of all the things I miss here, the first right under all of yall, is BBQ. Arizona has nada, zero, zilch. And even when they do, it is not at all the same. 
Anyway, I got to go. The work must go on, and I will not hold it back. I want you all to know, that I am having the opportunity of a lifetime here. I wish I could video the change that I am going through, but that cant be done. I dont think even a video would capture all that is going on. 
I love you all, and I pray for you everyday. Cant wait till next week when I talk to yall again. 
Anyway, Adios!!
Love Yalls Missionary, 
Elder Shepherd
Answers to mom's questions:

Have you been able to teach many lessons?  
We have on average 1-0 lessons a day. Its not so much because we dont lookk or that we are not diligent, its just that we usually spend a lot of time helping out other missionaries or people in the mission.

What has been your favorite spiritual moment of the past week?  
Spiritual Moment has to be just a day in my personal study. I spend most of my personal study burying myself in scripture. I did not think I could love the scriptures more, but I seem to love them more and more each day. Also when I recieved your e-mail in the MTC, saying that Dad, Jaimen, and Bryson were racing to read the Book of Mormon, I figured I would give it a try. The only time I have gotten is my one hour of personal study, but either way, I am in Mosiah 20. That is until tomorrow.... haha.

How is the branch?  
The branch is good. There are usually about 40 members total, but yesterday each companionship had at least 6 attend. Our attendance was almost 100!!!

Are you starting to get to know some of the people?  
Yes, yes, yes. Mainly the families that feed us. Usually the same three families are on the calender each week, and the other 4 spots are new people. 

Have you been able to do much service?  
None, which drives me crazy. I love service, and they have zero of it.

How is the language coming?  
Its progressed a lot more, since everyone we talk to is native, a bunch better than when I got here. I still have a whole lot of work to do.

How is Elder Black?  
He is Peachy. In his own given words.

Did you receive the package that we sent?
Yes we did. I loved the M&Ms and everything. Also thanks for the card. I havent got to check yet, but it looks exactly like the other, so I think they are the same. Ill find out this week.

Anyway I will e-mail you more, but for now...
Les amo mucho!!!

The van is a funny story.. It was parked in front of a potential investigators house, and It made Elder Black and I wonder, if it was their car or not. It was not, and we still dont know whose it is. lol.

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