Sunday, February 15, 2015

MTC Week 4

 That is my Branch President and his wife. They are totally awesome.

Theses pictures are of me and my companion. We make it a point to meet somebody new each week. This week, we met the teacher Senor Norton and a random guy named Brian.


 Waz Up Everybody!!!

So this the 4th week here at the MTC. Things are going good and the Spirit is still at work. This week has brought trial and reward. It has been a little tough, because sometimes missionaries get caught up in the busy schedule that you have and forget a bit on who they are as a person. I have not lost it, but I have sat some people down to help them with what they are going through. 

What I can tell you though, is that because of my time doing so, because of my time helping out others, the lord is blessing the time I use for me. I am growing in my relationship with Heavenly Father. I don't think there is an end to that relationship level, and so I just keep working on it. 

The Spanish is coming along. I have a ton to still learn, but I can teach, and talk, pray, and testify, and that is all I need. While hear I have learned testimony and experiences are the best thing to share with investigators. One of the best feelings is when you feel the spirit in another language. I feel amazing when I bear my testimony in Spanish.

The highlight of this week however is this past Wednesday I got to host in new missionaries. It was super fun, I had a blast. First I hosted a Japanese foreign guy, who spoke little English. So that was an experience. He is 20 and he is from South Japan and is serving in North Japan. It took me forever to understand what he was telling
The next guy was a guy who is coming from a 7 sibling household. He is the second oldest, but the first to go on a mission. He is from Utah and will be serving in Iceland and Denmark. He is at the MTC for 12 weeks, and is learning Danish and Icelandic. I'm good with just Spanish.
The last guy is a 6'6" 300+ lb dude from Hawaii. He plays Football and Rugby. He is super cool and a high spirited missionary. He will be serving in Samoa, learning a new language. I forgot what it was he needed to learn. He already speaks English, French, and I also think he said Tahitian.

All three guys were super cool and awesome.

Anyway, that's about it for this week. I hope you all can feels Gods hand in your life. No matter what your going through he is loving and supporting you every step of the way. I am praying for everybody, and I know he is hearing me. I love you all and cant wait to talk to yall again next Saturday. 

See Yall

Elder Spencer C. Shepherd
Parent Email:
 So here is the most spiritually inviting thing that has happened so far here. I don't know how, but it has silenced all my worries about the upcoming month. Here is the story (feel free to share it with anybody)

So yall know I have been worried about the financial situation the past few weeks. Well I have kept feeling worried till this miracle from Heavenly Father occurred.

It was yesterday afternoon. We are in class like always and our teacher Hermana Free, tells us to get out our Preach My Gospels. We all did, and she said turn to the chapter titled The Book Of Mormon. Chapter 5 I think it is, but anyway. I have been through Preach My Gospel multiple times since I have been here, and what I say next is the Pure Grace of our Lord Heavenly Father. 

Before I tell you, if yall are driving please pull off to the side our just stop what yall are doing for a second.

As I opened to the page, I found a 100$ bill, laying in the middle of the pages. I assure you that I had read that very page before and did not find anything. I asked other people, "Hey have you lost any money, or anything at all?" All replied no.... I asked almost everyone in that building if they had lost money. All replied that they had not. 
It is know and here that I want to testify to yall, that the miracles of God are upon me and our family. The Lord blesses his servants, and he has definitely blessed me. I know that the Lord our God loves us. I know we are thought about all the time. There is not one person he does not care about. He has yet again performed a miracle in my life, and I know now that I will always praise him. Every where I go I will praise him. Every time I meet someone I will praise him. Every moment good or bad, I will love him. I will keep my Heavenly Father at the top and my self lower for he is all that I need to know the mysteries in my life. Through him I know that yall will be ok till I return. Through him I know I will make it home safely and through his son Jesus Christ, I will return to live with him again with yall by my side. I love yall, I always will, don't ever forget that, no matter how bad my attitude or how the day has gone. I will love and cherish my family, my family now and my family that has yet to come.

See you next week your loving son Elder Spencer C. Shepherd

Provo MTC Week 3

Temple Day Week 2 Provo, Utah


So Wednesday, marked the half way point in the MTC. Its been pretty sweet. I have learned alot in the Spanish language, Im not a professional, but I know so much more than I did before I came out. I owe everything I know to Heavenly Father. He has blessed me with the help and his love. The MTC has been a blast. I love the people who work here, and I love getting to meet new people.
Everything here is great, however, the best thing is The Dear Elders I get. I love getting to here from yall, it keeps me updated on the world outside of this cage.... lol. I miss you guys a ton, and just know its only 101 left!!! Ill send yall the pictures, and Ill give yall the stories behind them. 


So the picture of the "Book" in the case, that is the first Book Of Mormon ever!!!! It is so cool to look at, and I really want to touch it.

The picture of the stone, is the coolest thing ever. It was found by David O. McKay while he was on his mission. It says "Who Er Thou Art, Act Well Thy Part." It is such a cool quote, from it I know that whatever I am doing I will do my best to do it correctly and as well as possible. Another cool thing about it is that the 9 pictures all are numbers, and they all equal 18 no matter what direction you go.

5   10   3 
4    6    8
9    2    7

Super Cool!!!

The last photo is a selfie of me and Joseph Smith. Also we watched the restoration and I felt inspired!!

The picture of us with the couple on the bench, is our second counselor in our Brach Presidency. Their names are Brother and Sister Rich. They are both super nice, and amazingly awesome.

 Love these Guys!


Hey Mom and Dad, Hope everything is going great!!
Everything is great here, but I am worried about my financial situation as well as for Lance.
Yall know how I took the 60$ with me in cash. Well, I needed to buy an adapter, because, the mylds.mail does not allow just my normal camera card, so I had to but an adapter. I also had to get another set of garments, as well as other stuff that will be needed for my mission.
So after its all said and done, I have around 15$ in cash and my card, I have yet to use the card, and I would not be worried about it, except I am only going to be repaid after i land in Arizona, so I will have to spend 60$ on luggage at the airport, it will have to be off of my card... Also, I thought about getting my suits dry cleaned here at the MTC, it is way way less than the normal price, and lastly I may buy a no screen I pod for 4 dollars, from another Elder. His dad works for apple, and gets them for discounted prices as long as he buys them in large quantities, I am not the only Elder jumping on this deal.

As for Lance, I need his address, I am going to write him a letter. Also if there is anyone who wants to be added on the e-mail list, I would have no problem with that. 

Also, if yall send a package, I need my drink mixes, and my Green Gatorade Bottle.Other than that I am doing great I love yall so much!
Tell Jaimen congratulations, I love getting his game updates and tell him they are doing way better than last years team. 6-3-1 i think it is, holy cow they are killing it!!! Congratulations.
Tell Bryson to pet Squashy for awhile, I hope he will calm down for yall, and I hope to see him when I get home.

Tell Eli and Bryson, sorry to hear about all the sickness. I hope they and I believe also dad are feeling better.
Love you guys, cant wait for the next letter!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Provo MTC Week 2

January 31, 2015

Waz Up!!! Hey Everybody, I made it through week 1, only 103 more to Anyway, this week has been pretty great!! We have been working with two practice investigators, except one really is an actual investigator. Me and my companion have taught the first on 4 times, and the second one twice. The first investigator came up to us yesterday and told us that he was acting like a friend of his, who he has been trying to introduce the gospel for years. About 2 months ago, this friend finally accepted the missionary lessons. Ill tell you all this because he told me and my companion that we taught him the exact same way he and other veteran missionaries have. He told us he has tried a thing like this multiple times before, and has never had a companionship get so close to being what he taught. He said we need to work on our Spanish, but we are almost to the point where we can both be out in the field!! I know its like this because of my faith I have in the Lord. He has blessed me so much in being teachable and giving me the ability to teach.
Now the investigator who really is an investigator, in the middle of the lesson, burst into tears during his story and following our comments. I felt like I was living Jeffery R. Hollands talk "We Are All Enlisted," I did as he said and I "Watched my words work miracles." I have never loved somebody I did not know, but on that day I did. I thought of all the people I saw with the missionaries and instead of seeing them as just children of Heavenly Father, I saw them as family, I saw them with love in my heart.

Also being in the MTC you go to the Provo Temple every Saturday. It is beautiful, and it is huge. I will attach pictures for you all to see. I love it so much. I love the work that is done there, and I love the MTC for giving me the opportunity to take part in it. 

To my family I will never stop loving you! No matter what happens, everybody needs to know that. I miss you all the time, but the Lord has plans to put me to use for the next two years, and I would not have it any other way. He has blessed me already, and I want you all to know that he will bless you. Heavenly Father loves us all personally, he loves our strengths and our weaknesses. He only wants what is best for us. So I want to say "get ready," because the best of me, has yet to come.

I love you all and I hope nothing but the best, Ill see yall next week, and Hasta Luego!! 
Elder Spencer C. Shepherd

Parent Email:
Is it hard to believe week one is done and gone, I have been told its only easier from here, but I doubt that tremendously. I know there will be days of happiness, as well as sadness. 
However, regardless of what the feelings are, I don't want you to ever worry about me. I am fine. I have sort of been sick this week. The altitude and cold gives me bloody noses almost everyday, and the food has given me some stomach bug. My companions hate it the most. haha!! 

Anyway, I sent out a letter to yall on Thursday. Inside is a letter to yall, Grandma and Papa, and Aunt Amber and her family. It is very important that everybody gets there letters. The spirit took control of the reins, and I feel like what I shared in the letters is needed to be read. 

Also, I cant tell you how much the Dear Elders, brighten my day. My district leader gets mad, because yall keep sending them each day. He says its not fair that my family loves me so much, I just keep living it up. :)
I hope all is well there. I hope getting your thing removed went well, sorry I couldn't send something on the day of, for encouragement. I am glad to hear Eli is doing better, and tell him I said Hi, and that I love him. Tell Jaimen when I get back nobody is allowed to score on him. I hope soccer is going well, and I tell him to keep his head up. I am only gone for two years and I can count the number of days in my head. I put this in the letter, but tell Bryson, to keep up the good work with Paul. And to work on his shooting. Papa Dear Elder-ed me, and told me a score was like 12-14. Tell Bryson I expect 30 points a game by the time I get back. 

I hope you and dad are doing great and that work is going well. I am sorry you cant be active much, but I know everything is done for a reason.

On a side note, when yall read my letter, make sure everyone is there. It will be in chicken scratch, because it was 11 at night, and I wasn't supposed to have a light on. Anyway, I keep visioning yall reading the letter together. I don't know why, but that is how I see it going. 
Also I will not be able to get on the Walmart thing while I am gone, so I will keep sending pictures, and Ill print off the ones I don't send on a word document.

Anyway, I love yall so much. Good luck reading my letter. Believe me its not the best "writing" ever. Please make sure the letters get to Papa an Grandma, as well as Aunt Amber. Also, if yall would try to find out Bethany Crafts e-mail that would be great. The only things I could use would be the long sleeve white shirt I left. Believe me, I could use it when wearing a suit. I could use my drink mixes, as well as my Gatorade water bottle. Love yall and see yall later.

Provo MTC Week 1


From: Spencer Shepherd <>
Date: January 24, 2015 at 6:24:17 PM CST

Subject: First Email

​Waz Up Everybody!!!
I finally made it to P-Day! While I am in the MTC, my P-Day will be on Saturday.
So this week has been a roller coaster, mainly because its the start of the mission. I already like the MTC a whole lot! My companion is a guy named Elder Biddulph (pronounced Bid-off) he is a 18 year old from Salt Lake City (lived there all his life), he has already served a three month mission in Pocatello, Idaho, so he will leave Arizona a few months before me(Ohh yeah, we are serving in the same mission). He and I get along great, there never really is a dull moment, because we both try to be funny in front of the He got his call while he was serving around eight months ago. So he went home and had plenty of time to study the language. He is a Spanish genius. As for the rest of my district, my companion and I live with two other guys who are going to be serving in Montreal. Canada. They both got here three days before us, because they are both foreign, and both of their flights were really really early. 
One is a guy named Elder Feth, he is 18 and turns 19 in a few days. He knows Spanish inside and out, and sometimes teaches the class. He is from Canada, and so he was "overjoyed" to see that he would be going to a different part of the country. He knows three languages, he knows French, English, Portuguese, and technically a fourth Spanish. He was called as our district leader the second night I got here. He is a really cool guy, and is really friendly. 
The last Elder in our district is Elder Safarov. He is Russian, but has lived all over the place. He was born in Georgia (the country) and then moved to Russia, France, and Belgium. He speaks 7 languages. He knows French, Portuguese, Argentinian, broken English, Spanish, and I forget the rest. Ill let yall know in another e-mail. 
Anyway, the sisters (they prefer hermanas) in our district are really awesome as well. Two are from Arizona, and are serving in Spain, and the other two are serving in Montreal Canada, just like the other set of elders. One of them is Herman Dexter. Hermana Dexter is from a small island somewhere near Tahiti. Anyway, she does not know English. The only way to talk with her is through French and Spanish. So the night we met our Branch President, he said nobody was to talk in English around her ever again...... Wait What!!!!!!!!!\
This has only motivated me, because the other Elders speak really good Spanish, I am about the only one who needs to step up to the plate. It is hear that I say this. 
When I got here I only knew some vocabulary. Today, I can hold a conversation pretty well, and I can read and write Spanish really well. I am so glad Heavenly Father is helping me with the language, because Wednesday, I was scared to death. 
Anyway, my district is predicted to be one of the best that comes through the MTC. We all are in amazing standing with the language, and we all get along no problem. We also were the only district, to have all companionship's get a return visit with some volunteer investigators. Haza!!
Anyway, things are going pretty great, as long as I can keep learning Spanish like I am already doing. I love Utah, except for this horrible cold weather. I have the clothes to make it through, but this morning me and my companion went to workout, and it was 19 degrees outside. It is ridiculous!!! I cant wait to get to Arizona and feel the heat again. I miss you all, and hope everything is nothing but awesome in Texas. I'll try to get some letters sent out, but I wont make any promises. So.... talk to yall next Saturday. Adios. 

In the picture of me and the other three missionaries, they are as follows. From Left to Right, Elder Safarov, Elder Biddulph, Yours Truly, and Elder Feth.

Hola Mi Madre,

Sorry, this is the first time I have gotten in contact with yall, its just that everything at the MTC is super busy all the time. Me and the other missionaries in my district have yet to go to bed on time (10:30). Anyway, the Spanish is going great, I didn't really know much when I got here, but now I am able to speak, write, receive, and read pretty well in Espanol. Anyway, my companion and I get along great. His name is Easton Biddulph (pronounced Bid-off). He already served a three month mission in Pocatello Idaho, and he got his call eight months ago. So he already has a very good ability to do everything with Spanish. He is a great guy and he has a great testimony. He has lived in Salt Lake City his whole life, and we can see his Grandmas house from our apartment. We do keep our room clean, and I have become famous in our zone, because a majority of the missionaries in the zone are being called to Texas, so they love asking me questions and keep trying to learn as much as possible. Also, I am known very well, because I am continuing a line of Elder Shepherds in Spanish speaking missions. The Elder shepherd before is a really cool guy, and he leaves next Wednesday for Argentina; I think. Ill let you know the concrete details in a later e-mail. Anyway, a lot of time is dedicated to scripture study, and in my study, me and my companion came across the following. 
What you do is read Isaiah 29:11, and immediately after, read Joseph Smith History verses 63, 64, and 65. Ill let you tell me what you think, but I found it to be pretty awesome!!
Anyway, I am going to send a group e-mail, so ill put more in that, I love you, dad, and... yes Jaimen, Bryson, and Eli. I hope everything is great, and I hope recovery is going well. 

Love yall. Sincerely Elder Shepherd.

P.s. Also I really have felt that I need to have my friend Bethany Craft on my e-mail list. She is the one whose e-mail I forgot. Also I am glad you already to knew about Dear Elder. Anyway Love Yall and bye!!