Sunday, February 15, 2015

Provo MTC Week 3

Temple Day Week 2 Provo, Utah


So Wednesday, marked the half way point in the MTC. Its been pretty sweet. I have learned alot in the Spanish language, Im not a professional, but I know so much more than I did before I came out. I owe everything I know to Heavenly Father. He has blessed me with the help and his love. The MTC has been a blast. I love the people who work here, and I love getting to meet new people.
Everything here is great, however, the best thing is The Dear Elders I get. I love getting to here from yall, it keeps me updated on the world outside of this cage.... lol. I miss you guys a ton, and just know its only 101 left!!! Ill send yall the pictures, and Ill give yall the stories behind them. 


So the picture of the "Book" in the case, that is the first Book Of Mormon ever!!!! It is so cool to look at, and I really want to touch it.

The picture of the stone, is the coolest thing ever. It was found by David O. McKay while he was on his mission. It says "Who Er Thou Art, Act Well Thy Part." It is such a cool quote, from it I know that whatever I am doing I will do my best to do it correctly and as well as possible. Another cool thing about it is that the 9 pictures all are numbers, and they all equal 18 no matter what direction you go.

5   10   3 
4    6    8
9    2    7

Super Cool!!!

The last photo is a selfie of me and Joseph Smith. Also we watched the restoration and I felt inspired!!

The picture of us with the couple on the bench, is our second counselor in our Brach Presidency. Their names are Brother and Sister Rich. They are both super nice, and amazingly awesome.

 Love these Guys!


Hey Mom and Dad, Hope everything is going great!!
Everything is great here, but I am worried about my financial situation as well as for Lance.
Yall know how I took the 60$ with me in cash. Well, I needed to buy an adapter, because, the mylds.mail does not allow just my normal camera card, so I had to but an adapter. I also had to get another set of garments, as well as other stuff that will be needed for my mission.
So after its all said and done, I have around 15$ in cash and my card, I have yet to use the card, and I would not be worried about it, except I am only going to be repaid after i land in Arizona, so I will have to spend 60$ on luggage at the airport, it will have to be off of my card... Also, I thought about getting my suits dry cleaned here at the MTC, it is way way less than the normal price, and lastly I may buy a no screen I pod for 4 dollars, from another Elder. His dad works for apple, and gets them for discounted prices as long as he buys them in large quantities, I am not the only Elder jumping on this deal.

As for Lance, I need his address, I am going to write him a letter. Also if there is anyone who wants to be added on the e-mail list, I would have no problem with that. 

Also, if yall send a package, I need my drink mixes, and my Green Gatorade Bottle.Other than that I am doing great I love yall so much!
Tell Jaimen congratulations, I love getting his game updates and tell him they are doing way better than last years team. 6-3-1 i think it is, holy cow they are killing it!!! Congratulations.
Tell Bryson to pet Squashy for awhile, I hope he will calm down for yall, and I hope to see him when I get home.

Tell Eli and Bryson, sorry to hear about all the sickness. I hope they and I believe also dad are feeling better.
Love you guys, cant wait for the next letter!!!

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