Sunday, February 15, 2015

MTC Week 4

 That is my Branch President and his wife. They are totally awesome.

Theses pictures are of me and my companion. We make it a point to meet somebody new each week. This week, we met the teacher Senor Norton and a random guy named Brian.


 Waz Up Everybody!!!

So this the 4th week here at the MTC. Things are going good and the Spirit is still at work. This week has brought trial and reward. It has been a little tough, because sometimes missionaries get caught up in the busy schedule that you have and forget a bit on who they are as a person. I have not lost it, but I have sat some people down to help them with what they are going through. 

What I can tell you though, is that because of my time doing so, because of my time helping out others, the lord is blessing the time I use for me. I am growing in my relationship with Heavenly Father. I don't think there is an end to that relationship level, and so I just keep working on it. 

The Spanish is coming along. I have a ton to still learn, but I can teach, and talk, pray, and testify, and that is all I need. While hear I have learned testimony and experiences are the best thing to share with investigators. One of the best feelings is when you feel the spirit in another language. I feel amazing when I bear my testimony in Spanish.

The highlight of this week however is this past Wednesday I got to host in new missionaries. It was super fun, I had a blast. First I hosted a Japanese foreign guy, who spoke little English. So that was an experience. He is 20 and he is from South Japan and is serving in North Japan. It took me forever to understand what he was telling
The next guy was a guy who is coming from a 7 sibling household. He is the second oldest, but the first to go on a mission. He is from Utah and will be serving in Iceland and Denmark. He is at the MTC for 12 weeks, and is learning Danish and Icelandic. I'm good with just Spanish.
The last guy is a 6'6" 300+ lb dude from Hawaii. He plays Football and Rugby. He is super cool and a high spirited missionary. He will be serving in Samoa, learning a new language. I forgot what it was he needed to learn. He already speaks English, French, and I also think he said Tahitian.

All three guys were super cool and awesome.

Anyway, that's about it for this week. I hope you all can feels Gods hand in your life. No matter what your going through he is loving and supporting you every step of the way. I am praying for everybody, and I know he is hearing me. I love you all and cant wait to talk to yall again next Saturday. 

See Yall

Elder Spencer C. Shepherd
Parent Email:
 So here is the most spiritually inviting thing that has happened so far here. I don't know how, but it has silenced all my worries about the upcoming month. Here is the story (feel free to share it with anybody)

So yall know I have been worried about the financial situation the past few weeks. Well I have kept feeling worried till this miracle from Heavenly Father occurred.

It was yesterday afternoon. We are in class like always and our teacher Hermana Free, tells us to get out our Preach My Gospels. We all did, and she said turn to the chapter titled The Book Of Mormon. Chapter 5 I think it is, but anyway. I have been through Preach My Gospel multiple times since I have been here, and what I say next is the Pure Grace of our Lord Heavenly Father. 

Before I tell you, if yall are driving please pull off to the side our just stop what yall are doing for a second.

As I opened to the page, I found a 100$ bill, laying in the middle of the pages. I assure you that I had read that very page before and did not find anything. I asked other people, "Hey have you lost any money, or anything at all?" All replied no.... I asked almost everyone in that building if they had lost money. All replied that they had not. 
It is know and here that I want to testify to yall, that the miracles of God are upon me and our family. The Lord blesses his servants, and he has definitely blessed me. I know that the Lord our God loves us. I know we are thought about all the time. There is not one person he does not care about. He has yet again performed a miracle in my life, and I know now that I will always praise him. Every where I go I will praise him. Every time I meet someone I will praise him. Every moment good or bad, I will love him. I will keep my Heavenly Father at the top and my self lower for he is all that I need to know the mysteries in my life. Through him I know that yall will be ok till I return. Through him I know I will make it home safely and through his son Jesus Christ, I will return to live with him again with yall by my side. I love yall, I always will, don't ever forget that, no matter how bad my attitude or how the day has gone. I will love and cherish my family, my family now and my family that has yet to come.

See you next week your loving son Elder Spencer C. Shepherd

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