Friday, March 13, 2015

MTC Week 6

These three are pictures of me and my teachers. 
The one with the guy in the grey sweter is my main teacher named Hermano Holman. Im going to Nicuragua with him after my mission, to meet a guy we taught who was his investigator. (If that doesnt make since I have another way of saying it. He is taking me to Nicuragua to meet a guy who he baptized on his mission. However, he was acting like him for one of our investigators, and I loved the story so much, one day we will go meet him.)
Hermano Holman was absolutly the best teacher ever, I love that guy.
The other tall guy is named Hermano Dia or Brother Day in English. He is super fun and got back form his mission from Florida 4 years ago.
The last is Hermano Garcia. He is in Utah learning English, so I was able to teach him a few words, while he taught me Spanish.

All three guys are Awesome and cool, I will;l definitely miss them.

 Hermana Dexter bought us all Tahiti shirts, so that we would not forget her. I told her forgetting her would be impossible.

 So last night we had a party.Hermano Holman brought In and Out and Wendys. I will really miss that guy. Anyway, while we ate, he told the story of his whole mission from 5:30-9:30. It was a blast.
 So on Tuesday it snowed. I dont know if yall can see it in the air, but yeah it was very cold. It had just started when I took the picture, so thats why its not on the ground.
 February 28, 2015
 So hey everybody!!! Today is the last P-Day! I leave on Monday Morning at 3 in the Morning...... 3 IN THE MORNING!!!!! 
I am super excited and scared. I cant wait to get out on my mission, but I know that I will have no idea what they will be saying. I have had a great time here at the MTC. I cant wait to leave the cold, but I will definitely miss all the people I have met here. Any way, this week has been an emotional one. The district before us left this week, and my district wanted to see them off. So we did at 3 in the morning for 3 days straight. Oh my goodness has our sleep schedule been messed up this week. I have been so exhausted all week long. On the other hand I have learned a bunch about myself and my relationship with our Heavenly Father. In my prayers each day I ask that no matter what I say in Spanish, that he help me get my message across. I have truly been blessed by Heavenly Father while I have been here. He has helped me learn the Sanish Language, and believe me... If he can teach me Spanish he can do anything. I have even learned how to teach in Spanish and even invite and extend commitments. I mean.... I wish I could tell you all in person how AWESOME God is. He can do anything and everything. He amazes me everyday.
As for the last week here, its had its ups and downs. On last Thursday I got my Black Suit dry cleaned. I also had paid to get the buttons reinforced... Well as I went to pick it up this Thursday, it looked amazing. When I put it on Friday, I am not even joking, that the buttons just fell off the jacket. I was of course was like "What !?!?" I for awhile was a little upset, but I then realized around dinner time, that you know what. This is just what the adversary would want is me to be upset while Im on my mission. So I decided that it was no big deal. This morning I grabbed my soeing (sorry if its spelled wrong) kit and I soed both the buttons on myself.

Here is what I learned, 
And believe it or not I recieved a blessing because of this expierience. Here is the blessing. Because I had to soe the buttons myself... I know that they are not coming lol lol lol.
So after all is said and done I am glad the experience happened because now I know the buttons are on for good, and they will not becoming off. :) And also I will be a happy person through and through. No matter what, I will do my best to keep my head up and I wont let anybody pull me down.

The pictures I will be adding are 1 a pretty view of Provo from the Temple and A drawing I did with chalk. It is supposed to be Moroni with the Title Of Liberty. I think I did a good job with chalk, but yeah thats what it is. 

Well I have other e-mails to get to, so I'll talk to yall next time. At which point I will be a missionary in the field. Oh boy does that feel weird to say. Anyway, I love you all! I hope the spirit is present in your lives, and I hope you can see the Lord and the spirit hard at work all around you. Im praying for all, and I know that if you believe God will assist you, you will be alright.
Love Yall!!
A Servant of the Lord,
Elder Spencer Shepherd


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