Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 4- Mesa Easter Pageant

Hey Everyone, this past week has been a lot of fun.
First off, the mission is now working on French work, so every missionary is required to begin learning how to meet people in French. As I heard these words, I felt tears rolling down my face, because now I am working on learning 2 languages. However, I am so thankful for my MTC zone, because they were French Professionals. HAHA!!! Anyway, I so far have learned, "What is your name?" "My name is..." "We are missionaries" and "We have others who speak better French than us, could we get your address and telephone number?" lol.
Ohh my goodness, the Spirit must be hard at work, because I am about to be tri-lingual. lol (with tears).lol. The Spanish however is coming along really well. I still have mucho to do, but all is well.

Also, we had exchanges, because my companion is the district leader, and apparently District Leaders need to go on exchanges with all the Elders in the District. Anyway, so on Tuesday and on Thursday I was on a bike all day both days. This was good, except for the fact that on Tuesday it got to a high of 92 degrees and then on Thursday it got to 97 degrees. Needless to say I was sweating by the end of the day.... lol.
Actually exchanges were really fun, I learned a lot from the other Elders in my district and I hope I did some teaching as well.

In other news, I got to attend a thing called the "Mesa Easter Pageant." It is a live action play where volunteers act out the life of Christ, his Crucifixion, and his marvelous Resurrection. It was awesome to go to. We had 2 investigators go, and one of them brought their family! #BonusPoints It was an awesome performance and it was so Spirit inviting. We went on the Spanish night, and I must say... that I understood almost all of it. Yes!!!!! (with fist in the air)

Also this week, was fast and testimony week at church. I bore mine in Spanish, and members told me it was really good, so I must be saying something right. lol. Any way, one of the other Elders in the district, Elder Call, has a quote, (you say it in a John Wayne voice) "I remember my first fast Sunday as a missionary..... I wanted to eat my own arm off." Hahaha!! Super funny, but true.... lol.

Anyway, I haven't yet confirmed where I will be watching general conference, but there is a possibility, they may need us to translate. Cross your fingers that it is not me... Anyway, I cant wait till conference is here. The talks are always powerful, and Elder Black and I have just been reading Ensign after Ensign in preparation for it.

Anyway that's about it, I love you all, and I hope life is well. I am living the dream here in 94 degree Scottsdale Arizona. haha.
See Yall!!
Elder Shepherd
Mom Question's Elder Shepherd answered this week.

How is Marcelino doing?
He is doing good. He usually works right after church, so he wears his uniform to church, so that he can make it on time. The next step with him, is we are trying to get him the priesthood, and then a patriarchal blessing. Each time I see him, we become better friends.

How is Elder Black doing?
"Peachy" He says. We are having a blast together. He is super fun, and I am hoping to be companions till he leaves in May.

Are you keeping your apartment clean?
Yes, ma'am. Our apartment is actually one of the cleanest in the missions. We had it inspected, the only report is that we make sure to windex our windows. lol.

Are you writing in your journal?
Everyday. Yes, I bought a few more at the MTC, because they were on sale for 5.99$ and so when I finish the first, I will send it home. Which will probably be around my 6 month mark.....

Were you able to attend the Mesa Easter Pageant?
Yep, on Spanish night, and I understood almost the whole thing. I have many many pictures, that I will send today.

Tell me about what you have been eating... besides avacado.  Do you eat out much?  Where?
We have eaten out three times total since I have been out. (In and Out, Olive Garden, and a Mexican Taco Stand) The normal meal, that we have almost every night is a thing called "Carne." It is like a big thinly cut peice of steak that is covered in chili powders and you eat it with rice, beans, avocado, and homemade corn tortillas.

I am still looking for your mp3 player.  If I find it, are you allowed to have it? It has a screen on it does that matter?  (The Sony walkman)   I still have the list of music you wanted and you can also have talks too... is that right?
I can have it even though it would have a screen. Yes bring on the talks,m any that you think I would like, ill take. I found my favorite talk this past weekend here. It is a MTC address (which means only accessible by missionaries in the field) by Jeffery R. Holland. Its called "Feed My Sheep." I have one copy on cd, and when I get a second copy, I will send it home. It is a 1 hour talk and President Holland just goes to town. It is amazing and beautiful.

What have been two of your favorite moments of the past week?

The pageant for sure, and I actually loved getting to be a bike missionary. We went on exchanges, and so I was on a bike for all of Tuesday and Thursday.

Do you have any special plans for General Conference?  Will you watch it in Spanish?  Will you watch it at the church?
They are broadcasting it at the Stake Center and at our ward. If we have the attendance, we will watch at our ward, but that would mean us missionaries would need to translate. I am hoping that does not mean me. Elder Black said he has only ever watched conference in english on his mission, so he says I shouldn't worry.

Are you able to do physical activities- how often?  Like running, walking, weight lifting, etc....
Every morning from 6:30-7, on P-Days Basketball from 3-4:30, and on Fridays Soccer with the branch from 7-9.
For our daily workouts, Elder Black and I usually rotate between, running at a track which is right next to our complex, playing catch with the Frisbee, basketball at a building which is a block away, and weight lifting with the one pair of 20 lbs. dumbbells we have at the apartment.

Anyway, I will talk more in other e-mails....
Love Yall a ton!!!
See ya!.


Ok, so the pictures I have attached are a Nerf gun I was given by another Elder. He didn't want it, so he just came up and gave it to me. I will probably send it home, and I want it to be my birthday present to Eli this year. I know I will be sending it no where near  his actual birthday, but I know he will love it. It is battery operated and you use a button to turn it on and off.

Please also excuse the photos, us missionaries are easily amused, and at the point of taking these photos, I was having a blast!

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