Friday, March 13, 2015

Week 1 Arizona Scottsdale Mission Area- Phoenix Camelback 2nd Branch

March 9, 2015 (Monday)
So this week has been totally Awesome! My companion and I have been busy for what feels like all the time. He continues to be a great teacher and an awesome friend. I know its early, but we already have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday!!! Its with a guy named Marcelino. He has been taught by the missionaries for 2 years ( on and off). He is really cool. I have only gotten to teach him for one lesson, but he already loves seeing me and my companion. He committed to be baptized on the Monday I got here. He has a really crazy story. Ill check with him if its ok for me to share, but I dont think he will have a problem with that.
In other stuff, I was able to buy another Elders bike, at a discounted price. #SuperCheap It is in great condition and looks super cool, however I may spray paint it one week... lol. 
I am loving the mission. It hasnt gotten hot yet, I think it got to the 80s once this past week, but that is nothing. haha. I am learning more and more spanish by the day. My companion makes sure I teach some of the lessons. He is a great guy. He is ready and at the same time not ready to go home. I have learned a bunch from him. 
I still miss home and my friends at the MTC, but I would not leave my mission for anything. I feel like no matter what I am doing, I am making a difference. I know that this is where I am needed, and good days or bad, I will thank the Lord for making me a tool in his hand. 
Also this week, was my first Sunday out. The Camelback 2nd Branch is 100% Spanish Speaking and to make it even better, the Stake President was in attendance this week. I actually caught most of what was said and before I leave, will probably be asked to translate (uh-oh). I did not have to speak, thank goodness, but I was expected to answer many questions and play roles in classes. I am still grateful for what I learned at the MTC. I have a lot more work to do, but I know I will be fine.
On a Spiritual note, one of the biggest things I have learned has come from Preach My Gospel. It is Chapter 5 about the Book Of Mormon. It says along the lines of, when we are teaching people, we should be focusing on Christ and the Book of Mormon. Without it and our prophets we are not different from another religion. When we teach we should let the Investigators know that the Book Of Mormon, will answer all of their questions, and make their life better. I have learned so much from my scripture studies and I love my Heavenly Father more and more each day. I hope life is going good for all of you, and I hope you all have the chance to feel these amazing experiences
like I am feeling every day I put my tie on.
Love You All and Let the Good Times Role!!!

 Elder Spencer C. Shepherd
 Elder Black and Elder Shepherd

 Elder Shepherd and Elder Black (Chicago)
Elder Shepherd's bike purchase

Driving down the Arizona road

 Elder Shepherd's desk

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